Parish Nurse

What is Parish Nursing?

    Church In & Outreach
    By a Registered Nurse who is a Christian
    Focuses on wholistic health wellbeing & healing
    Targets the health needs of the local community and is inclusive of all faiths and none.

Parish Nurses Don't...

    Give medical treatments
    Give direct nursing care
    Replace NHS, Local Authority Nurses or Services or Specialist Nursing Services (e.g., Macmillian, Admiral nurses)
    Preach or convert.

Some services that Sheldon Road Parish Nurse provides:

    Drop in clinics Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
    Health Checks, Advice, Weight management.
    Meet with Rainbow Toddlers and Mums and Carers.
    Monthly Diabetic Support Group.
    Work with the Parish Nurse Support Group to offer CPR courses.
    Home or Hospital visits.
    Have a stand at the Beacon Centre Saturday Lunches offering blood Pressure checks, diabetes checks, weight and health advice.
    Liaise with GP Practise at their Wellbeing Clinic.

We are working on this page. However below is a link to the Parish Nursing website and also you can find our local times and availability by looking at our weekly Notices 


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