The Beacon Centre Building 

The building incorporates a number of different areas.  One or more of these areas can be hired for private bookings [see below].   Interior photos are displayed here whilst exterior ones may be found in The History section.

Main Church Hall:  The Church and Church Hall Interior which can be separated by a folding screen

Church - Church Hall

The Church Hall Divided: The original Church Hall dates back to 1901

Church Hall 1

The Atrium & Cafe: A glass atrium connects the old part of the building to the new.

Atrium 1

The Atrium & Cafe: The Cafe Area [viewed from the main entrance]

Cafe Area 1

The Atrium & Cafe: The Cafe Area [viewed towards the main entrance]

Access to the 1st floor: Stairs from the Cafe Area to the Upper Hall which can also be accessed by a lift.

Beacon Stairs

The Upper Hall: the full sized hall [viewed from its entrance]

Upper Hall 4

The Upper Hall: with folding screen to divide the room.

Upper Hall 3

The Upper Hall: the full sized hall [viewed towards its entrance]

Upper Hall 1

The Cafe area: on the ground floor in the Cafe area the double doors to the right of the counter lead to the Lower Hall

Cafe Area 3

The Lower Hall: viewed from the kitchen serving counter

Lower Hall 1

The Lower Hall: viewed towards the kitchen serving counter and entrance doors

Toilet Facilities:  there are no toilet facilities on the 1st floor of the building.  Toilets including disabled and baby changing facilities can located on the ground floor.

Hiring for private use

From September 2020 the hiring charges [per hour] are are follows:

Registered Charities £7.50
Community Groups £10.50
Commercial Groups £12.50


If you have any queries about any aspect of the Beacon Centre, about hiring the facilities, or wish to discuss your requirements then please contact us.