Loving Our Community - Litter Pick Sept 2021

How often have you walked down a road and sighed at the amount of litter in the gutter, on the pavement, in the hedges?  We’re not very good at taking our rubbish home anymore, it seems!  So, we thought it would be a good idea to show a little love in our community and organise a litter pick on Saturday 18th September.  This date coincided with the start of the Great Big Green Week, organised by the Climate Coalition, so it seemed appropriate.

We were provided with high visibility jackets, litter picker tools and gloves by the council, who keep kits for just this sort of exercise.  14 of us including 2 families, were out for an hour, and we collected quite a lot of bags, as you’ll see from the photos.  People who saw us commented on what a great job we were doing…..maybe we should organise this sort of thing regularly.  What do you think???