Faith & Farming

Katharine Norton, a friend of Sheldon Road church, serves with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Nigeria with her husband Russell.

There she runs a ‘Faith and Farming’ programme with her Nigerian colleague Mr Yunana Malgwi wherein they teach and encourages local farmers to apply their faith in their farming practices.

You can find out more about Katharine’s vital work, Faith and Farming, here. 

Below are a few updates from Katharine about some of the work being undertaken:

A message from Katherine, May 2023
Thank you for praying for us during Katharine's trip to Ireland. We really thank God for the miraculous provision of (very last minute!) visas and permissions for Katharine’s Faith and Farming colleague Malgwi to travel to Ireland and participate in all the activities we had planned. It was a joy to share about our Faith and Farming work with many people who have known Malgwi by name for a number of years now since he and Katharine started working together.

We were able to connect with a number of farmers all over the country who are all connected together now on WhatsApp groups, brainstorming ideas of how to reach out to the farming community in Ireland.  They identified issues such as mental health (loneliness, isolation, depression, high suicide rates) and environmental issues as key topics where the Faith and Farming material can be adapted to bring the hope we have in Christ to these situations.  Please pray for those who are doing that work, for it to be a blessing to many.

on farm
Katharine and Malgwi on her uncle's farm in Meath
Malgwi sharing at a joint churches' event in Cork where we were able to connect farmers there with farmers we had met all over the country.

For the Sheldon Road Climate and Harvest Service 2021 she prepared a presentation showing ways in which Faith and Farming is helping farmers to cope with climate change.  The entire presentation is provided below with kind permission from Katharine and Wycliffe Bible Tanslators.