Messy Church at SRMC 

MC Poster We have a thriving Messy Church at SRMC where we meet together every 2nd Sunday of the Month [4 - 6 pm] for a fun and activity packed time of worship with God. 

At the present time we are unable to physically meet as we normally do due to the restrictions placed upon us due to the COVID-19 situation.   

However, that has not stopped us from coming together online where where we continue to worship God 'Messy Church style'! 

You can take part in this by joining us online - recent Messy Church worship can be found below.

More about Messy Church 

Not sure what Messy Church is?  Messy Church is a church experience for all ages who may, or may not, have any experience of church. Messy Church welcomes and provides for all ages. It includes a relaxed welcome zone where people gather with refreshments and connect with each other. After a greeting and explanation a story teller retells a Bible story  and then everyone is invited to take part in and enjoy the various crafts, activities and and games all related to the story. A short interactive celebration time of song and prayer and reflection follows the activity time. Finally, we share  a meal together. 

If you would like to know more then you can find out everything you need to know by accessing the Messy Church organisation's own website.  Also, whilst we love having you join us in our own Messy Church worship, there are plenty of other activities that you can do at home.  Visit the Messy Church organisation's website for ideas.
MC4 The Messy Church organisation main website.
MC5 Ideas for activities you can do at home from Messy Church.


Online Messy Church at SRMC

Do join us in any [or all!] recent Messy Church worship:
Gatecrasher July 12th: Someone crashes through the roof [Luke 5].  Coming soon.
MCCanaWedding June 14th: Jesus meets the Wedding Planner [at the wedding in Cana].  Don't forget to download the Activity Book!
MCZacheus May 10th:  Jesus meets Zacchaeus