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If you missed a sermon, or loved one so much you want to listen again, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, click on the link below and sit back and enjoy!

Some sermons containing visual aids have been included in the list below. 

24/11/19 Evening Forgiveness Rev David Miller
24/11/19 Morning Generosity Rev David Miller
17/11/19 Evening Heaven Martin Bovett
17/11/19   Morning Baggage Free Rev David Miller
10/11/19 Morning Bad News / Good News Dave Stranks
03/11/19 Evening Less is More Rev Mark Barrett
03/11/19 Morning MAF talk Mission Aviation 
27/10/19 Evening Hard to be humble Rev David Gray
27/10/19 Morning Truthiness Rev David Miller
20/10/19 Evening Last Least Lost Rev David Miller
20/10/19 Morning Networking Trevor Durston
13/10/19 Morning Staying Afloat! Rev David Miller
06/10/19 Evening Prodigal Son Rev David Miller
06/10/19 Morning Deep Roots Geoffrey Rhodes
29/09/19 Evening Complacency Contentment Rev Mark Barrett
29/09/19 Morning Fellowship Steve Cooper
22/09/19 Evening Living Water Rev David Miller
22/09/19 Morning Harvest Rev David Miller
15/09/19 Evening Lost Property Rev David Miller
15/09/19 Morning Fellowship Liz Miller
08/09/19 Morning Come to Christ Rev David Miller
01/09/19 Evening Stairway to Heaven Rev David Miller
01/09/19 Morning One in Christ Godfrey Room
25/08/19 Morning Bread & Wine Rev David Miller
18/08/19 Morning Gifts and Grace Trevor Durston
11/08/19 Morning Possessions Annette Foster
04/08/19 Morning Going Walking Trevor Ranger
28/07/19 Evening Breaking Bread Adrian German
28/07/19 Morning Gardeners question time Rev Pam Stranks
21/07/19 Morning Going on a picnic Rev David Miller
14/07/19 Evening Out of his tree Jack Newton
14/07/19 Morning Moon Communion  Rev David Miller
07/07/19 Evening Increased & Multiplied Rev David Miller
07/07/19 Morning Grace Richard Addicott
30/06/19 Evening Good News People Rev David Miller
30/06/19 Morning Growth is normal Rev David Miller
23/06/19 Evening Biblical Teaching Steve Cooper
23/06/19 Morning Stories from my youth Eric Hewitt
16/06/19 Evening No Sermon Local Arrangement 
16/06/19 Morning The Prodigal Son David Stranks
09/06/19 Evening Holy Spirit Frieder Kreschnak
09/06/19 Morning Holy Spirit Frieder Kreschnak
02/06/19 Evening Hired or Fired Rev David Miller
02/06/19 Morning Exiled Alero Malin
26/05/19 Evening Vision for the church Rev David Miller
26/05/19 Morning Healing Rosie Beal
19/05/19 Evening Prayer Alero Malin
19/05/19 Morning Solid Rock Rev David Miller
12/05/19 Evening Midwives Rev David Miller
12/05/19 Morning Reunion of the rescued Rev David Miller
05/05/19 Morning A Roche Rev Dr Mike Perry
28/04/19 Evening Road Trip Steve Cooper
28/04/19 Morning Shalom  Rev Joe Mairara
21/04/19 Evening Pictures of Christ Rev Geoff Floyd
21/04/19 Morning He Is Risen Rev David Miller
14/04/19 Evening Palm Sunday  Rev Heather Cooper
14/04/19 Morning No service at Sheldon  
07/04/19 Evening Extravagant Gesture Rev David Gray
07/04/19 Morning Expectation Gap Andrew Trowbridge
31/03/19 Evening The Wayward Son Rev. David Gray
31/03/19 Morning Mothering Sunday Dea. Shirley Mackintosh
24/03/19 Evening Let us think about sin. Rev. Heather Cooper
24/03/19 Morning A Time of Blessing David Stranks
17/03/19 Evening Power and Status Rev. David Gray
17/03/19 Morning Snacks Steve Cooper
10/03/19 Evening God in our hearts Tom Wethers
10/03/19 Morning Lent customs Rev. Heather Cooper
03/03/19 Evening Sharing What You Have Rev. Heather Cooper
03/03/19 Morning Making Disciples Phil Berry
24/02/19 Evening Forgiveness Godfrey Room
24/02/19 Morning Allow the children Trevor Ranger
17/02/19 Evening What is the priority? Rev. Geoff Floyd
17/02/19 Morning The safe path. Rev. David Gray
10/02/19 Evening No Recording Available Rev. Mark Barrett
10/02/19 Morning Prayer Rev. Heather Cooper
03/02/19 Morning Prayer Rev. Mark Barrett
27/01/19 Evening Prayer Stephen Cooper
27/01/19 Morning Prayer Robert Simpkins
20/01/19 Morning Gifts of the Spirit Rosie Beal
13/01/19 Evening Prayer Adrian German
13/01/19 Morning Covenant Service Rev. Geoff Floyd
06/01/19 Evening This will be a long haul Rev. David Miller
06/01/19 Morning Part of the body Tom Wethers