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29/07/18     Evening Youth Service Revd David Miller
29/07/18 Morning The Joy of Discipleship Alero Malin
22/07/18 Morning Untitled Revd David Miller
15/07/18 Evening Untitled Stephen Cooper
15/07/18 Morning    
08/07/18 Evening Living for God T Barnes
08/07/18 Morning Call of the disciples Revd David Miller
01/07/18 Morning     Sandwiches  Revd Geoff Floyd
24/06/18 Evening Untitled Revd David Miller
24/06/18 Morning Untitled Rosie Beal
17/06/18 Evening Becoming Exciles Richard Addicott
17/06/18 Morning     All Age Worship Revd David Miller
10/06/18 Evening Untitled Godfrey Broom
10/06/18 Morning Something Fishy About This Prayer Revd David Miller
03/06/18 Evening Untitled Revd David Miller
03/06/18 Morning No Title Frederique Green
27/05/18 Evening 1 Peter  Revd David Miller
27/05/18 Morning Who will go? Revd David Grey
20/05/18 Morning Gifts & Skills Revd David Miller
13/05/18 Evening Untitled Revd H Cooper
13/05/18 Morning Gifts  Revd David Miller
06/05/18 Evening Love Revd David Miller
06/05/18 Morning Gifts Liz Miller
29/04/18 Evening Untitled Revd David Miller
29/04/18 Morning    
22/04/18 Morning Untitled Alero Mallin
15/04/18 Evening Untitled Revd David Miller
15/04/18 Morning Share your story Tom Wethers
08/04/18 Morning Has the penny dropped yet? Trevor Durston
01/04/18 Evening         Easter Sunday PM Revd Mark Barrett
01/04/18 Morning Easter Sunday AM Revd David Miller
25/03/18 Morning Untitled Revd Geoff Floyd
18/03/18 Morning     All Age - Part Two Revd David Miller
18/03/18 Morning All Age -Part One Revd David Miller
11/03/18 Evening Abiding in God - Perfected in love Stephen Cooper
11/03/18 Morning Light in the darkness Revd David Miller
04/03/18     Evening Untitled Revd David Miller
04/03/18 Morning Untitled Hugh Gough
25/02/18 Evening     Untitled Revd David Miller
25/02/18 Morning Labels Trevor Ranger
18/02/18 Morning Untitled Revd David Miller
11/02/18 Evening Untitled Trevor Durston
11/02/18 Morning Too busy to pray Revd David Miller
04/02/18 Evening 1 John Series (1) Revd David Miller
04/02/18 Morning Try Praying - Week 1 Martin Bovett
28/01/18 Evening     Healing Service     Revd Heather Cooper
28/01/18 Morning Spiritual Battles Richard Addicott
21/01/18 Evening No Service  
21/01/18 Morning All Age - Go Fish Revd David Miller
14/01/18 Evening Evening Sermon Revd David Miller
14/01/18 Morning Covenant Service Revd David Miller
07/01/18 Evening Untitled Revd Mark Barrett
07/01/18 Morning     Untitled Stephen Cooper