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If you missed a sermon, or loved one so much you want to listen again, make yourself a nice cup of coffee, click on the link below and sit back and enjoy!

Some sermons containing visual aids have been included in the list below. 

13/01/19 Evening Prayer Adrian German
13/01/19 Morning Covenant Service Rev Geoff Floyd
06/01/19 Evening This will be a long haul Rev David Miller
06/01/19 Morning Part of the body Tom Wethers
30/12/18 Morning Tinker, Tailor Rev David Miller
23/12/18 Evening What are you hoping for? Trevor Ranger
23/12/18 Morning Good News Trevor Durston
16/12/18 Morning The Parcel Rev David Miller
09/12/18 Evening Advent Rev Geoff Floyd
09/12/18 Morning Worship Lifestyle Rev David Miller
02/12/18 Evening Advent Worship Rev David Miller
02/12/18 Morning Woven into our lives Rachel Browning
25/11/18 Evening Jesus in prison Rev David Miller
25/11/18 Morning Lifestyle Worship Rev David Miller
18/11/18 Evening Be of Good Cheer Adrian Heath
18/11/18 Morning God really is worth it Trevor Durston
11/11/18 Evening Healthy Habit of Worship Rev David Miller
11/11/18 Morning Remembrance Service Hugh Gough
04/11/18 Evening No Recording Available Rev Shirley MacIntosh
04/11/18 Morning Tearfund Andrew Wilson
28/10/18 Evening Food That Nourishes Rev David Miller
28/10/18 Morning Gideons Tony Bruun
21/10/18 Evening You Are What You Eat Rev Mark Barrett
21/10/18 Morning Emmaus Road Meal Rev David Miller
14/10/18 Evening Bread of Life David Easter
14/10/18 Morning Eating Together Adrian German