The Persecuted Church


For ideas about what to pray for with respect to the persecuted church, view the 'Voice of Persecuted Christians' from Release International.  Further information is also available from many organisations, including: Open Doors, Release International and CSW.
There is also the annual International Day of Prayer [IDOP] that occurs every November.  Note that the latest of these events may still be viewed on YouTube.


Here are some more prayer pointers:

Pray for Christians for whom fleeing from persecution is the only option. Pray for God’s protection and provision
Pray also for God’s grace in the emotional turmoil of leaving everything behind  
Pray for those ministries caring for fleeing Christians: that they will be able to provide the necessary physical needs – but also to give pastoral and spiritual support  
Pray for Eritrean Christians on refugee camps in Ethiopia – particularly those caught up in the current conflict in the Tigray area  
Pray for Christians from Syria and Iraq who have fled to the northern Kurdistan region  
Pray for Christians in Nigeria who have become refugees in their own country as a result of Islamist attacks
Pray for the country of Afghanistan; that believers will remember that God knows everything, He cares for them and will provide for them even in the most difficult of times
Pray that the global church and NGOs supporting Christians in Afghanistan respond to calls for help with compassion, wisdom and boldness, and help people to find God in the midst of trouble and great distress.  

Ongoing News/Latest Prayer Requests

Prayercastlogo March 2022.  March prayer ideas for the church in Afghanistan from Prayercast. 
BarnabasFundLogo March 2022.  This month's prayer focus from barnabasfund.
Prayercastlogo January 2022.  January prayer ideas for the church in Afghanistan from Prayercast.  Please watch the video.
BarnabasFundLogo October 2021.  Gunmen kill 34 in attack on Christian community in Kaduna State, Nigeria.  Barnabasfund prayer request.
ReleaseInternationalLogo July 2021.  Jihadists target Christians in Burkina Faso
BarnabasFundLogo May 2021.  Terrorists kill four Christian farmers in Indonesia, whilst Christians in Punjab, Pakistan subjected to mob violence. Please pray.
TwenPrayer May 2021.  Prisoner's Release - an answer to prayer.  For more information visit the Release International website.
BarnabasFundLogo April 2021.   Christian convert in Saudi Arabia acquitted of theft, faces further charges.  Please pray alongside BarnabasFund.
ElamMinistriesLogo April 2021.  From Elam Ministries............ A car ride, A worship Song, A gospel Conversation.  Encouragement and a prayer request
MyanmarChurch March 2021.  In the continuing crisis within Myanmar, Open Doors  requests prayer for those affected by a raid on a Baptist church in Lasio, Myanmar.  Also, read more about the work Open Doors is currently involved in with persecuted Christians.
EritreaFrontlineReport February 2021.  A  Frontline Report video  and a Refugee Support project report, both concerning Eritrea as provided by Release International.
TwenPrayer February 2021.  Read this Eritrean prisoner's profile and request for prayer.  For more information visit the Release International website.